How to Grunt

Grunt: The JavaScript Task Runner


I had the pleasure of attending the second day of jQueryTO this past weekend and had a great time.

It was pretty awesome to see the presentations given by people like Paul Irish, Tim Branyen and Derick Bailey. I've read a lot about the things they've done to try and advance the web and educate people, so it was pretty cool to see and hear them live. I saw Addy Osmani in the crowd, although I missed his keynote on the first day.

One presentation that got me itching to get back to my terminal window was Dan Heberden's presentation on Grunt.

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Site Redesign

Inspired by Twitter's Bootstrap, I bring to you the new version of Pyjama Coder!

In addition to the CSS revamp, you will notice a few other things have changed.

  • the homepage now lists excerpts from up to 5 posts and is paginated
  • there is a sticky navigation bar at the top of the page
  • the old post listing has been moved to a blog page
  • the site is responsive for widths of: 480, 768, 980, 1200, and 1200+

There are also a few fun css additions.

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Twitter Bootstrap v2 RTL Edition

Twitter Bootstrap

Recently, I've been playing around with Twitter Bootstrap and it's pretty amazing.

It is pretty full featured and contains a lot of useful components in addition to the basic grid and styling. It even comes with a spiffy icon set.

The Need for Right to Left

A site I've been working on requires the display to be right-to-left instead of left-to-right. Who knew there were people who read things backwards?

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