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Ever since I started using Vim, I've been looking for ways to improve my workflow. It wasn't until recently that I've felt my use of it had stagnated. I knew there were better ways in doing a lot of things but I never took the time to look into it.

I write text in a variety of languages such as: Javascript, PHP, Bash, CSS, Markdown and sometimes even Ruby. The one thing they all have in common? Vim. Improving how I use Vim will help me edit files more efficiently regardless of the language.

After creating related.vim and writing my previous post, I realized that I didn't know too much about some of the plugins I used. I knew that they were powerful but I had yet to take advantage of that power.

One of the plugins I mentioned was: CtrlP

I was having issues using it because the project I was working in had 15,000+ files but I found a way around it.



Why would anyone ever...?

While I'm at work or hacking away at home, I spend most of my development time in Vim.

I tend to edit a lot of PHP classes and the associated test files at the same time...but finding the files and manually opening them, sucks.

It takes some mental energy to find the file and open it, which can interrupt your train of thought. I do use the excellent ctrlp.vim plugin, but the codebase I work in contains way too many files, making the autocomplete kind of awkward to use at times.

I've been thinking of mapping some command to open the related file but have heard bad things about it.

Until I came across this: Optimize Your TDD Workflow by Writing Vim Plugins

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