Quick Stack Trace In PHP With XDebug

Hippy stack trace

Wat happened?

The other day I was dealing with an issue where a php script was outputting a white page.

Browsing error logs proved useless and there was nothing indicating why this was happening.

I remembered the environment had the excellent Xdebug module installed.


It has many features that make debugging php a bit easier.

I turned on xdebug.profiler_enable_trigger, which lets you selectively turn on the profiler by passing in a GET/POST parameter of XDEBUG_PROFILE.


Hitting the script with http://example.com/script.php?XDEBUG_PROFILE created a profile in /tmp.

Being too lazy to setup Webgrind or kcachegrind, I tried to load the file in my editor of choice: vim.

I figured there'd be a way to read the call graph...but the profile's format wasn't meant to be human readable.

PHP's shutdown function

Curiously, the last function call was register_shutdown_function.

I had forgotten that this function existed.

Exception === stack trace

But another thought came to mind. It went a little something like this:

function shutdown()
  throw new Exception('kablooey');


Bam, stack trace!

An Xdebug stack trace

Thank you Xdebug.

The offending code

For your information, the offending code looked like this:

// some random function called deep in the stack
if ($something) {

In summary...

  1. install xdebug
  2. register_shutdown_function + throw exception
  3. win all the internets

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