About pyjamacoder.com

Pyjama Coder is a web development blog maintained by me, Donald Chea.

From the beginning, I've been interested in learning how everything works; from the server to the client and back again. It has led me to adopt a wide variety of tools and platforms as well as an open mind.

I'm a fan of continuous integration and automation. Although writing unit tests can be dull at times, I feel it helps keep you more (in)sane in the long run.

I am always looking for constant improvement from myself and my peers. It is a challenge to constantly change workflows, moreso on a team, but it is often required to keep things moving at a rapid pace.

My motto is: "If I have to do it more than once, I didn't do it right."

It is pretty similar to another thing that I live by: "I don't like to repeat myself."

Let me repeat that last one:


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