Gmail Vulnerabilities Are Scary

I'm in your PC Stealing your internets

I was browsing some of the usual sites I visit, and saw this: This Site's Domain is Stolen

People are stealing domain names and holding them for ransom :(

It's quite unfortunate that something like this has happened. Chris Coyier is one of those guys trying to push the web forward and I use CSS Tricks quite often to see what kind of new techniques are being developed.

I never really think about these kinds of things because I just assume the folks at Google know what they're doing...but security is not a simple business. It's not new, and Chris has listed a few sites on his post that have also had issues.

Here's a post outlining the issue in 2007 that used Gmail's filters and forwarding to steal your emails. Just in case, I went into my, open, gmail account to check my filters. Even though this post was made in 2007 @.@

The scary thing is, there's so much the general public, and even the industry, doesn't know about. Things like the Black Hat Security Conference show how easy it is to exploit anything.

Wonder what I can do to help prevent people from gettin' in my internetz and stealing my domainz.

Anyone have any suggestions?

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