I am Pyjama Coder!

I was trying to figure out how I wanted to setup this blog. My requirements were:

  1. Fast - I want the pages to load as quickly as possible.

  2. Minimal setup - no need for an entire stack of tools to write text.

  3. Easy - to publish content.

Enter, Jekyll.

An open source site generator created by Tom Preston-Werner, one of the co-founders of GitHub.

It powers GitHub Pages and a who slew of other sites.

From what I understand, it uses Liquid templates to interpolate variables into Markdown, which get compiled into static html. There are a host of other things, like parsing of YAML Front Matter, configuration, plugins and permalinks, just to a name a few.

It fits my requirements, perfectly.

  1. No need for any script interpreter or database backend at all. Just serve the html.
  2. Install Jekyll and dependencies: `gem install jekyll`
  3. To publish a post, just `git commit`

How easy is that?

In practice, it's not that simple seeing as we're using gems.

For instance, syntax highlighting was just fixed yesterday but isn't in the gem, right now. I'm usually not on the bleeding edge of Ruby development, so these issues don't crop up, often.

Temporary fix:

gem uninstall liquid
gem install liquid -v=2.2.2

Once things are setup, it works, quite nicely.

©2018 Donald Chea, Pyjama Coder