Existence - Walkthrough

1. World

  1. Talk to the World Tree , it is not very useful
  2. Enter the cave

2. Cave

  1. You will see a dog crying for help
  2. Save it by defeating the skeletons
  3. Talk to the dog several times
  4. You will be rewarded with treasure
  5. You will receive a new weapon: fire
  6. Talking to the dog will reveal something about the World Tree
  7. Exit the cave

3. World

  1. Talk to the World Tree , it will ask you not to burn it
  2. You can now attack it but wind will not harm it
  3. Switch your weapon to fire and burn down the World Tree
  4. It leaves behind a treasure
  5. When you open it, the world turns dark and you are attacked by skeletons
  6. Upon defeat of the skeletons , inspect the opened chest
  7. In the west mountain , you will see an explosion
  8. Walk through the dirt and enter another cave

4. The Final Cave

  1. You will see Life itself
  2. At this point, the path forks and you must make a decision
  3. Choose your decision wisely

a) Destroy Life

  1. By attacking Life , you take away the one thing you have been given
  2. All hope is lost

b) Embrace Life

  1. Take some time to watch Life
  2. As time passes, it will begin to change and grow
  3. Soon, life will start shining
  4. It is at this point that you should walk over to and embrace it
  5. You Only Get One chance to see life shine

5. Fin.